Prices 2018

Low season - 30 January/06 June - 12 September/19 December

Room type Bed & breakfast
(Continental breakfast)
Single €  45.00
Double €  75.00
Double+1 €  90.00
Groups To be agreed

High season- 01 June - 11 September 2018

Immaculate  Conception  fm 07th to 10th of December
Christmas Holydays fm 21st of 7th of  January
Easter  Holydays  fm  30th march  to 03rd of April
Holydays  fm 20th  of April  to the 2nd of May
Holydays  fm  1st  to  04th of June
All Saint  fm 31st of  October to 05th of November
Room type Bed & breakfast
Continental breakfast)
Single €   55.00
Double €  100.00
Double+1 €  120.00
Groups To be agreed
  • Our rates are applicable to groups minimum  25 pax.
  • These prices are intended per room per day,Vat included.
  • Children up to 3 yrs can stay in the same bed with parents. 
  • For HB and FB meals include a first and a second course, a side Dish of Vegetables and Fruit.
  • Drinks are not included.
  • Each room has a private Bathroom and Air Conditioning.
  • We accept small dogs and an extra charge might be added
  • High season rate will be applied to Holidays Accomodation.

IAccomodation begin at 12 p.m. to 10 a.m. of the next day unless previous arrangements.

Reservation within 7 p.m. of the same day will be accepted.

 CONTINENTAL breakfast  will be served fm 8 to 10 a.m.

An EXTRA CHARGE will be applied for Requests