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In the cloisters of the Shrine is possible to buy a wide range of religious objects for keeping a pious remembrance of the Sanctuary “Madonna del Frassino”.


The Santuario della Madonna del Frassino is certainly one of the most outstanding monuments in the area. Its origins date back to 11 May, 1510, when the Madonna appeared to the peasant Barolomeo Broglia in “Contrada Pigna” outside the walls of Peschiera del Garda. While working in the fields, he was attacked by a snake; he called on the aid of the Virgin. His eyes raised to heaven, he saw a statuette bathed in light, above a nearby ash tree: it was the image of the Mother of God come to his aid.


The statuette of the Madonna with the Child, a little more than 14 cm high, can be admired on the original ash tree in the Chapel dedicated to Her.


In the cloisters of the Sanctuary, a rich assortment of religious objects can be bought, in order to always have a devotional souvenir of the Madonna of Frassino.



It was the first little church dedicated to the Madonna of Frassino. The miraculous Statuette stands on the historic Frassino of the apparition.


The stucco and friezes date from 1610. The canvas on the altar is by Farinati (1560) and depicts the Eternal Father amidst a corona of Angels, St Francis of Assisi and Sant’Antonio Abate. The canvases on the walls are, in part, by Bertanza da Salò (17th century) and some modern painters.


Due to its location just 1 km from the A4 motorway – the Santuario della Madonna del Frassino is also a stopover along the routes to Medjugorje: at our hotel, you can obtain further information on organised pilgrimages.